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Map Game of Thrones – Digital files


Map Game of Thrones – files arhiv for use by the laser machine.

The map is made on the basis of various cartographic materials found on the Internet. The file does not copy any of the found maps images, but has its own original design.


You will download 1 ZIP file containing the following:
» CDR – CorelDraw, Version 10
» PDF – Adobe Reader with vector plans
» DXF – AutoCAD 2006 (without fortresses / read below)
» SVG – Inkscape (without fortresses / read below)

The map has the original dimensions: 700×500 mm and cut out of 6 layers of 4mm birch plywood glued together. The map can be scaled, but we are not responsible for the quality of the finished map made with other sizes. By changing the scale you agree that you bear risks in case of unsuccessful cutting and engraving.

In addition to vector lines, the file format of the CDR and PDF has black / white raster images of fortresses. If your laser cannot engrave raster images, then you need to consider that there will be no fortresses on the map.
Attention! The file formats DXF and SVG does not always correctly display raster images, so we saved all the raster images in the folder “Fortress raster files”. You need to import these images into your program and place them on a map in the appropriate place.

The first and second layer of the map have several green closed areas. These areas indicate the location of mountains or islands, which are also located in the first and second layer of the map. They need to stick on these areas.

Colors of vectors:
red – areal laser engraving
green – line laser engraving (laser cutting with minimal power and high speed)
black – laser cutting

If you have questions or need a different file type, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

All drawings and patterns are protected by International copyright law. All our store patterns can be used for work. The products created according to these plans can be used for commerce. Plans can’t be used for resale, extend or exchange.