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Christmas catalog


We have prepared a catalog with our Christmas products. Usually we do the distribution of such catalogs for our customers who have already bought our ready-made products early. About 5-10% of our customers, after viewing such a letter, return to us again and buy something else. Therefore, I recommend everyone to use this newsletter for their customers. You will not lose anything, but you can purchase many new orders. Just do a newsletter at the mailing addresses of your customers, as well as publish this catalog on your social networks.
To use this catalog you need to open the “Christmas Catalog Wood-Toolbox.cdr” file and change the main signatures: the name of your workshop, contact details, prices, etc. All these signatures are highlighted in the “Changes.pdf” file. You can also supplement the catalog with your logos and additional design. Then use the function – publish to PDF. Usually we use automatic mail services to send letters, but if you don’t have so many clients, you can send such letters manually.
If you cannot do it yourself – write to us, we will do it ourselves and send you a catalog. We can also organize automatic mailing to the mailing addresses of your customers. In the message you must indicate your data, for example:
L1 – My store, www.mywoo …. com
L2 – Facebook / mywoo …
L3 …
L4 …
A1 +7988 …

The item numbering should correspond to the “Changes.pdf” file
If you have any wishes and advice – write to us.

This file is distributed free of charge. You can use it as you wish, change the file structure, design, etc. All images of our products inside the catalog are protected by international copyright law and are subject to publication only in their original form.